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Rural Acreage and Buildings FOR SALE:

Many Possible Uses -- Retreats, Reunions, Company Meetings, Vacation Rentals, Dude Ranch, Manufacturing Facility with Housing, Athletic Training Center, Residential Treatment Facility, etc. Contact Del & Gwen Groen at (480) 221-7545 for details.

Nearby Services

Center, Colorado, is the nearest town.It is an easy 8 mile, 12 minute drive.

Center has 2 banks, 2 gas stations, a well stocked chain grocery store and meat market.

A dollar store, a hardware store, an auto parts store.

A variety of service businesses including a medical clinic, an electrician business, a plumbing business, a post office, and a laundry.

Monte Vista and Del Norte, at 22 miles, offer additional services.

Del Norte has a new hospital.

Alamosa (35 miles) has a Wal-Mart, Adams State University, and a broad variety of supporting businesses.